Jamie Frost MRSS 


vailable directly from this website, You can own small prints and sculptures created by Jamie. An affordable artist’s edition is the ideal gift or the perfect way to begin your own art collection. All pieces can be purchased from this website. Exclusive editions will only be available from here and are often time limited. UK postage is included in the price, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like international shipping.

Land’s End

Drypoint, edition of ten, printed area size 30 x 22 cm with 10 cm margin and a deckle edge. Signed and numbered.

Drypoint is a process of scratching fine lines into a metal plate by hand. The plate is inked and wiped down such that the lines fill with ink. This is then transferred to damp paper with a press.


Snippets, volume 1. Exclusive edition.

Black Walnut and poplar, various dimensions (3-4 inches)

The first series of abstract sculptures. Available for a limited period from this website only. These playful pieces derived from experiments made in the studio. They were hand cut, turned, threaded, polished and painted.

Edition ended.


Woodcut, edition of fifteen, printed on fabriano rosapina, size 30 x 22 cm.

A woodcut image is cut in relief from a piece of wood. The raised areas are inked up and the image is transferred to the paper with a press. This is the artist’s first woodcut.


Snippets, volume 2. Exclusive edition.

A new edition of small wooden abstracts. These mini sculptures have the working title ‘Patisserie’ and will be available winter 2019. The sculptures will only be available for six weeks.

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